Feeding your Hamster/Gerbil

What kind of Hamster/Gerbil food should I get?

I can’t really say a brand! This is usually because all around the world there are many different brands other than what I personally use. But you should get something that looks natural and something that has normal colors. This is because if you get something that looks really colorful, often it is full of additives. Also, note that if your pellet mix has sunflower seeds in it be sure to not give that to your pet because sunflower seeds are fatty instead pick out the sunflower seeds and use those as a healthy treat!


Can Hamsters/Gerbils eat natural meats, fruits, and vegetables?

Yes! Hamsters can eat a variety of natural vegetables like carrots, cucumber, and cauliflower. But if you are feeding your Hamster/Gerbil carrots be sure not to give it too much because carrots have a lot of sugar. If you wish you can also give it some lettuce. For fruits, they can some of them. For example pear, peach, and banana. Don’t give too much of fruits or vegetables though because you could give your pet diarrhea. As more meat not so much because they can’t eat a variety of it, but to be safe they can eat dried or alive mealworms but clean those after a day because if your pet doesn’t eat the mealworm it is basically having a dead corpse in their cage.


How much should I feed my Hamster/Gerbil?

I would say about two tablespoons because you wouldn’t want to overfeed your pet because they would have a chance of being obese.


When should I feed my Hamster/Gerbil?

I would wait after the bowl is empty, but this is for picky Hamsters/Gerbils I will go further into that in a future post. But for the non-picky pets dump out their old food every day and refill it because you want to make sure that your pets food is fresh and ready to eat!


Anything else I should know?

Yes, whenever you are giving your hamster fruits or vegetables be sure to not give them citrus fruits or onions because they are acidic and can hurt your pet. And also never give your hamster sharp or sticky food because this can damage their cheek pouches.